Bitcoin (BTC) Beyond National Borders Pre-Halving Shows Mass Interest and Price Run Up in the Waiting

Bitcoin is the master template and symbol of originality in the cryptocurrency space.  It is an educated expectation that when Bitcoin approaches halving, there should be high volatility.  This educated response is already having several Altcoins price trends get erratic about the way they exhibit themselves in the graph.

Almost every Altcoins is willing to take a trip to the moon defying gravity.  However, gravity in the cryptocurrency space is all about usability.  Whales are cashing out.  Small-time traders are confused and perplexed.  They are not sure of how to react to the 8th wonder called Bitcoin Halving. Retail investors are not sure if they are going through a deep learning curve.

When Bitcoin and halving was an exciting concept, and when only a few people understood the different dimensions of value and store of value and alternative money, it was indeed the time when large capital inflows were happening.  The markets used to get saturated, and almost every Altcoins posted big gains.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “With the market has gotten used to many halvings and forks, investors are not willing to get on to the wrong side of the Bitcoin (BTC) price action. They are waiting before they act. Bullish, though.”

Are investors glued to daily candlesticks? Are they tangled in FOMO? Are there signs of panic buying to get into the piece of BTC action.  Is there a mass interest in further contributing to the run-up?

Bitcoin (BTC) Some Decent Gains

There is widespread liquidation warning across all markets, and this also includes the Bitcoin market.

While the unlimited printing of money has its own consequences, people are not really ready to come into terms with the idea that the USD can lose power and potential.  They continue to trust its value, and they are flocking in.

Peter Schiff is not impressed about Bitcoin touching $9,485 or $10,000 or beyond.  He sticks on to his ideal that Bitcoin is purely driven by speculation.

The numbers of searches for the halving has improved.  However, there are a horrified lot of small miners who are worried about the upcoming “probable sure-fire price decline” after halving. There are others who are buying the dips, literally buying any and all dips. The pre-halving rallies are impressive, and the majority are bullish. Though not a price explosion, investors count on some decent gains.