Bitcoin Enthusiast Loses .1111 BTC to Fake Mixer

A Bitcoin enthusiast has stated how he careless lost .1111 BTC to a fake mixer who disguised has the which closed down in 2018.

According to the bitcoin user, he said he has been following things up in the cryptocurrency space before Bitcoin touched $500.

The faceless Bitcoin enthusiast said he has been trying not to miss out of this year’s boom due to the fact that he could not catch up with the major boom that happened a couple of years ago.

The victim, who said he stopped paying attention to the crypto world after the 2017 boom, noticed that Bitcoin moved from $3000 to $7000.

Seeing this sudden growth, coupled with the fact that the halving is close, the crypto lover said he thought this time’s best for investing.

Afterwards, he put his $1000 into an exchange, then moved the fund to his “old favorite bitcoin mixing service… BitMixer.”

Unfortunately he discovered that he forwarded the fund to a fake mixer because the popular BitMixer was shut down in 2017.

“Anyone reading this probably know [sic] exactly where this is going… BitMixer has been shutdown since 2017 and there are now numerous fake websites out there,” he related to people via Reddit.

He mistakenly forwarded the fund to a fake platform “bitmixer-io” .com.

The enthusiast said he sent .1111 BTC ($1000) to the platform waiting for confirmation but he later discovered  that the platform was fake.

“The website listed BitMixer’s real wallet address… which has of course been inactive since 2017.”

Unfortunately, he detected that the wallet he sent the Bitcoin to “only had 4 transactions all in the past year”.

BitMixer, a popular Bitcoin mixing service was shutdown in 2017. According to the administrator, the closure became necessary to make the crypto space clean and transparent.

He wrote: “I hope our decision will help to make Bitcoin ecosystem more clean and transparent. I hope our competitors will hear our message and will close their services too.”

The service is being used by fraudsters to mask the identity behind every transaction to be completely untraceable in the end.

As of 2017, DarkNetMarkets, a platform containing dark web content, mentioned that BitMixer was among the top four best bitcoin mixers.

BitMixer was forced to shutdown a few days after the enforcement agencies across Thailand, Europe, and the U.S. closed down AlphaBay and Hansa, major darknet online platforms prominent for trading drugs. Millions of assets were seized by the law enforcement agency in the process.

The increasing scam in the cryptocurrency space is taking a new dimension each day. People are being scammed on Twitter, YouTube, and some other platforms.

In fact, unsuspecting internet users fall prey to scammers and hackers demand Bitcoin through email.