Controversy as EOS VC Invests in Biscuit, As Knight Game Prepares to Move to Tron

EOS VC has today announced its investment in Biscuit, the blockchain games developer that invented the globally known as EOS Knights. This is recognized as the first launched mobile game on EOS public blockchain.

However, there’s a controversy about the investment as Biscuit already partnered with Tron Foundation and is at the moment preparing to move EOS Knight Game to the TRON Network.

At the time of the partnership, Biscuit said it will release an upgraded version of Knight Story, built on TRON blockchain, in December 2019, resulting in different platforms publishing that EOS Knight will move to TRON.

Meanwhile, in the latest update, EOS VC,  the venture capital arm of the blockchain software company,, is also investing in Biscuit, and there’s indication the dapp will remain on TRON blockchain.

The CEO of EOS VC, Mike Alexander who reacted to the announcement said the investment in Biscuit is strategic. He pointed out that it is meant to focus on extending its collaboration with the most functional blockchain game companies to bring about mutual development.

He said, “Our direct investment in Biscuit extends our strategic focus of working with some of the smartest minds in the gaming blockchain sector…”

The CEO pinpointed that Biscuit has since occupied the blockchain industry, and the qualities it had dispensed in combining blockchain’s smart contract with traditional game elements is quite outstanding.

“Biscuit has taken the powerful qualities of blockchain’s smart contract and combined it with the traditional Role Playing Game elements to produce one of the best-loved gaming apps on the market,” Mike Alexander concluded.

The popular game EOS Knight has been working fine on EOSIO platform, leveraging on its response speed, healthy smart contract development, and lofty number of transactions per second.

The founder of Biscuit, Jay Lee, also revealed the support of towards success in developing EOS Knights from scratch.

He sees the latest strategic investment as the assurance of a meaningful collaboration with EOS VC, tagging it as a work in progress to the realization of the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

He said, “This new investment from’s venture arm EOS VC confirms our strong continuing partnership and underscores our belief that gaming dApps like EOS Knights are catalysts for the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.”

Meanwhile, NewsLogical has reached out to both EOS Knight Developers and TRON Foundation on the controversy, but we have not received any response.

This is a developing story.

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