Ripple Honors goLance with Blockchain Innovation Award

Ripple has honoured goLance with the Blockchain Innovation Award at the Swell conference organized by the San Francisco-based enterprise blockchain solution provider for banks across the world.

goLance, which offers state of the art solution that reduces the hardship of recruiting, managing, and paying freelancers on the internet, was among the two firms honored with the Visionary Blockchain category award during the last Swell by Ripple.

Micheal Brooks, founder and CEO of goLance was elated with the recognition from Ripple, saying he was delighted to receive the recognition for leading, believing, and investing in On-Demand Liquidity (ODL), a solution by Ripple making use of XRP to eliminate the hardship of pre-funding accounts to perfect cross-border payments.

Swell 2019 was fully loaded with financial industry’s reputable personalities from far and wide.

The event was filled with testimonies about blockchain technology, digital asset technologies and the importance and impact of ODL.

The CEO was delighted at the recognition, highlighting that ODL has influenced global payment industry.

He said goLance’s 500,000 customers are demanding the lowest and fastest payment means, stating that ODL made them offer what customers are demanding. Brooks stated that through ODL, goLance was able to stay atop of its competitors by offering unmatched services.

At the Swell program, Ripple declared that it has over 300 customers and has made 10 folds year-over-year transactions on RippleNets.

Other financial institutions also gave their testimonies. BeeTech, during the program, said it’s saving customers over $14 million through the use of RippleNet.

With the mind of moving to Europe and other regions, BeeTech is servicing Brazilians in and outside the country. Since the establishment of the BeeTech, the firm has transacted over $1.5 billion and completed nothing less than 200,000 transactions.

The same with Mercury FX. The remittance firm is using RippleNet to access the global inaccessible market.

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