The Decentralized Internet is Closer Than Appears

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Blockchain is a technology that can power the decentralized web or Web 3.0. Notably, a passage from centralization to decentralization would be a noteworthy transformation in how information is warehoused and shared in the online world. Interestingly, a decentralized version of internet would not make use of any centralized servers. In its place, it would depend on a network of several computers and extensively dispersed data. Consequently, there is no centralized location for hacking and taking control of the network.

DLT and Blockchain

Interestingly, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) uses a model of a P2P infrastructure of nodes. Hence, blockchain and other DLT frameworks might be the answer to the problem of forming a decentralized web.

One of the most common services used by individuals and employees of a company is Google Docs, which is Google’s online word processor. It is to be noted that when an individual type in Google Docs, each word is directed to the servers of the advertisement concern. In this situation, one must hope that his data will not be tampered with or not used for any unethical purposes. It is to be noted that Google or any other centralized social media giant has the tech capability to do whatever it wants with one’s data, regardless of the privacy policies of Google or any other centralized entity.

Decentralised Autonomous Internet & Dapps

To address such concerns of centralized internet, numerous projects are working in the domain of decentralized internet. One such project in autonomous internet is Threefold Network. As per their website, they have expertise in automation, storage, and cloud. From 2000 to 2015 and through 7 exits totaling $500M, before ThreeFold came to be, key stakeholders defined parts of the cloud landscape. As per their website, some of those elements are still being actively used today.

It is to be noted that getting on track on the decentralized internet is not equivalent to downloading a new android application from the Google app store. The creators of the aforementioned Dapps mention that digital assets like BTC, which are powered by numerous computers around the world demonstrate that strong, sheltered infrastructure doesn’t require servers or central authorities.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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