Trade at Global: how Binomo works and how to use Binomo

The world of assets is moving fast and is beginning to include an increasing number of assets. Cryptocurrencies are one of the most recent additions to the list of trading instruments and are proving to be a reliable and profitable tradable asset for users of platforms like Binomo.

Binomo is safe, fraud-free and is a legal way to make money on cryptocurrency transactions using binary options, which are proving to be more practical and safe in times of crisis.

Binary options are a financial product under which the buyer receives a payment or loses his investment if the option expires. Binary options depend on the outcome of a proposition with a defined period of time. At the time of expiration, the asset price must be on the winning side for the trader to make a profit.

It is possible to win in cryptocurrencies with minimal risk by trading binary options. This independent financial instrument involves working with a change in the price direction and is not associated with fluctuations in the virtual money market.

To start trading cryptocurrency options at the brokerage Binomo brasil, traders need to log in and register on the website. Binomo is reliable as a broker and, after registration, users need to access the cryptocurrency asset panel, where they will find cryptocurrencies with varying degrees of profitability. Traders need to choose any of the assets they want to start trading.

Cryptocurrencies are suitable for short and long-term trading strategies. For example, Bitcoin is considered an independent asset with its price formed under the influence of factors related to the level of demand. This makes it possible to predict the movement of its value using technical analysis, considering that Binomo’s global platform offers more than 30 types of instruments.

The main advantage of trading binary options at Binomo is the ability to win, regardless of price movements. This is more relevant for cryptocurrencies, as the rapidly growing digital asset market has a capitalization of hundreds of billions of dollars and tens of thousands of transactions are carried out daily on exchanges.

A binary contract has fixed profits and losses, which allows you to trade digital currencies without the risk of unforeseen financial losses. When buying binary options for cryptocurrencies, traders do not need to have significant amounts of money, as Binomo Brasil offers order sizes starting at US $ 1.
One of the characteristics of the cryptocurrency market is that it works non-stop, unlike classic brokerages. This is especially relevant for Binomo global, the official website of, which operates without weekends or holidays. This allows traders to be online in the Binomo application on their mobile and computer.

Cryptocurrency options trading has its own characteristics. It is worth considering that this is a very specific asset, which is relatively simple to analyze using classic methods and fits well-known strategies. Experience is extremely important, and Binomo offers traders a vast knowledge base to learn from.
As cryptocurrencies are a relatively new tool on the market, stable and effective strategies for this type of asset are being developed daily. Therefore, it makes sense to analyze the main strategies for fiat currencies as a start and try to apply them in the digital market. The official website is perfect for that reason, as it allows a demo login feature from Binomo for beginners to try out all the options available before starting the actual trade.

The best option is to create your own trading strategy, which can generate more money if proven in the market. However, it is possible to make some predictions and risk cryptocurrencies if traders adhere to some basic strategies.

It is important to take into account the term trend. This strategy provides for the creation of a corridor in which the levels of support and resistance will guarantee an ideal order. Technical analysis indicators are critical in this case.

Traders can also use a strategy focusing on the moving average line with a period of 100. The Stochastic indicator is also used, as it shows the ratio of the current price to the value of the asset in the past for a given period of time. This strategy uses a one hour period to show the line and the trend of the price movement.

The Binomo broker is a reliable and secure trading platform for beginners to start working with cryptocurrencies, such as Binomo global – the official website of, offers an interface in 17 languages ​​and is being used by more than 800,000 traders worldwide . Logging in and integrating Binomo is very easy and requires only an email address authorization with an initial balance of just $ 10.

Binomo is safe as it is classified by the International Financial Commission as a member of category “A”. All clients have their investments in Binomo protected by a dedicated compensation fund, with a total coverage of 20,000 euros. The demo login from Binomo, which offers a $ 1000 virtual account, allows new traders to learn how to use Binomo, how to withdraw, how to deposit and download Binomo as a mobile or desktop application.

Like any other trading sector, working with binary options in cryptocurrencies will require traders to choose a reliable platform that offers good experience and knowledge bases. Binomo is the platform that confidence becomes when cryptocurrency trading in binary options becomes a low-risk and profitable trading solution.